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40K Learn and Play

April 23 @ 12:00 - 20:00

Hello Chancers!
It’s the clubs pleasure to announce another 40k learn and play day!
We hope you’ll join us on April 23rd from midday until the evening.
Come and play some games, learn how build lists for your armies, see how to optimise 40k terrain for the best gaming experience and much more!
All you need is a few models aim for 500/1000 pts. There will also be a few armies there on display for you to see what you would like to play.
If you have any questions please let us know at thelastchancersireland@gmail.com.

Overall event notes

The event starts at 12:30.

First game at 1pm, second game at 3pm, the centre closes at 8pm. More detailed agenda to follow!

Notes for seasoned players

  1. Please bring a 500pt list.
      • This is for introductory games if you are paired with a newer player.
      • When building this list, think towards being interactive and not skewed towards a single archetype (e.g. 500 points of Harlequin bikes might be too swingy for a fun game, same goes for too many tanks/artillery/hordes).
      • This is your chance to use more fun and less efficient options 🙂
  2. [Optional] Please also bring a 1k list.
  3. Bear in mind that you might end up playing somebody who hasn’t played in 10 years, or is playing for the 1st time ever.

Notes for the newer players – preparation for the event

You only need to bring yourself (and your models!) to the event, but to make the experience more enjoyable, there are several things that would help:

    1. Some 6-sided dice (about 10 should be enough, more is always better)
    2. A tape measure (marked in inches)
    3. If you know how to build a 40k army list, please bring a 500pt list (or 25 Power Level), ideally printed out with all the relevant rules. See Battlescribe below. If you don’t know what we are talking about, just bring the models and we’ll help you on the day.
    4. The 9th edition 40k rulebook.
      1. If you don’t have the BRB, you can use this PDF for basic rules https://warhammer40000.com/rules/ , or the 40k app (linked on the same page).
      2. We strongly recommend that you have a paper copy of the core rules if you are a newer player, and we will have a couple of copies to borrow.
    5. The up-to-date rules for your own army (called a codex). You can check if you have the correct codex by looking here: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-IE/Warhammer-40-000?N=446193531+3272198241&Nr=AND%28sku.siteId%3AIE_gw%2Cproduct.locale%3Aen_IE_gw%29&Nrs=collection%28%29%2Frecord%5Bproduct.startDate+%3C%3D+1650577800000+and+product.endDate+%3E%3D+1650577800000%5D
      1. If you do not have a codex with you, try to bring a printout of the relevant pages for your models (e.g. unit rules and some core army rules).
      2. Alternatively, you can use the Battlescribe ( https://battlescribe.net/ ) app. Please see the below on some pointers to use Battlescribe.
  • You won’t need any mission books, as the mission will be provided 🙂

Using the official 40k app

The official 40k app can be found here: https://app.warhammer40000.com/ . The information included in the free version is fairly limited, but it can give you the core rules and the army rules.

Despite the clunky interface, Battlescribe is generally a safer option for the moment.

Using Battlescribe

NB: the Club is in no way affiliated with Battlescribe, use of any 3rd party software is entirely at the players discretion.

  1. Download Battlescribe on your device of choice (https://battlescribe.net/?tab=downloads)
  2. Add the “Warhammer 40000 v9.3.12” data source (there are multiple 40k-related data sources there, be careful!)
  3. Create a new Unbound detachment with your army faction, e.g. Astra Militarum
  4. Add all the models you are bringing to the roster
  5. Export the roster as an HTML/PDF document.
  6. Now you can view it on your device (or, better yet, print it out!)
  7. The roster will generally have the following information:
    1. Your unit characteristics and rules
    2. The options you selected for your units (e.g. weapons and psychic powers)
    3. The specific rules for your regiment, e.g. Cadians


April 23
12:00 - 20:00
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De La Salle Pastoral Centre
De la Salle Pastoral Centre, (Church Grounds), St. Patrick's Road, Wicklow
Wicklow, Ireland
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