TLC Marshal

For those interested, this document should provide some more information on the role that a potential volunteer marshall would hold within the club. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

If at any time, no member of the club board will be able to attend and supervise a Friday night or Saturday for club events, the board will reach out to the Volunteer Marshals. 

Given at least 2 days notice, the marshals will be asked if any of them would be capable of attending the club event in the capacity of a Marshal, in which they will represent the board and temporarily gain the authority of the club board to deal with matters of conduct and any problems that may arise while on site. 

If no board member or marshall is able to attend the event, then it will have to be cancelled for that week. 

Marshals will be requested to be at least somewhat familiar with the club rules and especially the code of conduct. Both of which will be made easily available to them and will help in dealing with any conflict that may arise.

In matters of dispute amongst club members or non members within the club space, as representatives of the club board, they will be given the final say if no board member is present.

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