40k intro event

Today the club has hosted a 40k Learn and Play event (event link here: https://www.thelastchancers.org/event/40k-learn-and-play/) which saw whopping 15 players throwing dice and moving models throughout the day!

For some players it was literally the first time they got to put their carefully painted models on the table. For some others, it was their first return to 40k after not playing for years.

The armies had considerable variety as well: we’ve seen Necrons, Eldar, Harlequins, Chaos Space Marines, Orks, T’au, and multiple chapters of Space Marines (Ultramarines, Emperor’s Spears, Blood Angels, Imperial Fists and even Soul Drinkers!).

Thanks to everyone who dropped by today to play, chat, and have good time together!

Special thanks go to Sean for organising the event, and to every player (Dave, Dan, Denny and John O) who was helping and teaching newer players today. (I think John O takes the crown here, after guiding the last Necrons vs. Orks game :D). Thanks guys!