The Last Chancers Hobby Round-Up: December 2023

Credit: Dan Kelly, @dkminipainter on Instagram

Hi all, a bit later than usual with the hobby round-up.

Denny Lawlor

Denny: Got a mix of stuff the last 2 months, managed to get a nice chunk of work down for my Horus Heresy army, including 2 characters and my first full unit of troops plus a a vehicle for my growing Star Wars Legion army as well as my first proper Age of Sigmar miniature with the WarhammerTV model of the year.

Dan Kelly, @dkminipainter on Instagram

Dan: First batch of work I finished since last time. First 5 zombies done hopefully I’ll be done with the first 20 for the AOS event.

Piotr Berlowski

Piotr: A full set of hills and bridges for the Battletech World Event in December.

Thanks everyone for your amazing work!