The new Club Logo is here!

Dear club members, at the last AGM we decided to update our club logo for ease of marketing and communications.

We are very happy to report that the new logo is here, and will be used for all club social media, materials, and swag from this point onwards. First order of business will be flyers and business cards, followed by t-shirts and dice in the near future.

We would like to thank Piotr for his help with writing the design document for the logo, and for finding us a fantastic designer!

And, of course, many thanks to Ewa Gillner at DS5 design studio for designing the logo. We absolutely love Ewa’s vision for the club, and we hope you’ll enjoy seeing the new logo everywhere!

P.S. For club members wishing to use the logo for event promos: we’ll have an asset pack available internally, together with the brand book that Ewa has put together for us, with the dos and don’ts of including the logo in various materials.