TLC Club Newsletter 3/10/2021

Hello Chancers!

The Board would like to inform all our fellow Chancers of the latest developments on the club hall and 2021-2022 membership and other work we have been doing since the General Meeting.

  1. We have set up the Club’s new bank account with the Altura Credit Union.  This means that we have the ability to handle the cashless payments and have greater transparency over the club’s finances.
  2. We have re-confirmed the availability of the De La Salle community centre. The centre is ready to sign the contract with us once we have the memberships and fees sorted.

With the above in mind, please keep an eye out for our Club membership form! 

If you responded to our pre-commitment survey back in August, you will get an email inviting you to fill out the membership form in the next few days.

The form will also be available in the #general channel on Discord.

Once the forms are filled and the membership fees are sorted (more details on that in the next newsletter!), we’ll proceed with signing the contract. That’s the point when we will have the reopening date set.

At the moment we are targeting the very end of October or beginning of November as our reopen date, and we are carefully monitoring the Government advice on reopening. 

If you have any questions or ideas, please reach out to the Club Board at

Best Regards,

The Last Chancers Board

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