AGM report

This past Sunday the 15th, the club hosted its Annual General Meeting. This email will recap everything that went on for those who weren’t able to attend. 
Here you’ll find the slideshow presentation that we gave during the meeting.

The main events of this years AGM were the two votes for the next years Club Board and the introduction of a new role in the club. The club unanimously voted to reapprove the 2021 board to continue as the 2022 board, as there were no other candidates. 
The club also unanimously voted to include the role of Marshall in the club Constitution and the implementation of the Marshal’s Handbook as a new official club document. 
More info on this role and what it entails can be found here.

We also discussed the possibility of a few other member let events, including Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl and Yu Gi Oh. So if any of those sounds up your street let your interest be known and we’ll make sure we get them organised soon.