The Last Chancers Hobby Round-Up – August 2023

Our club members were busy at the painting desk in August, let’s see what they got up to!


Grim: My recent hobby project was a Skaven/Tau Mash up I call “The Skavengers”. Created specially as a present for my Sons 21st birthday.

Dan Kelly

Huge variety of minis from Dan this month, and that terrain piece is seeing a lot of use in the club. More of Dan’s work can be found at

Piotr Berlowski

Cool mechs and tiny helicopters! And just look at those tiny buildings.

Tamara Berlowska

The mech theme continues with Tamara’s work.

Ronan Carr

Ronan, the “lightbox avoider extraordinaire”, got a cool undead Blood Bowl team painted

Credit: Ronan Carr

Denny Lawlor

Denny’s space marine army – the Emperor’s Spears – is getting reinforcements!

Steve Walsh

Steve’s Tyranids is one of the newest armies in the club. Long live the Hive Mind!